What is SAP Data Archiving?

SAP database tables particularly related to day-to-day transactions gradually swell in their size in terms of data base, which in turn results in slow performance of daily business transactions processing and display of crucial business reports.

This type of slow performance of system leads to efficiency of business users in terms of execution of business operations.

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SAP Data Archiving Process has following benefits:

  • Reduction in processing time for 10 key business transactions.
  • Reduction in processing time for 10 key business reports.
  • Improvement of free space in database server.
  • Availability/display of old data record in exceptional scenarios.
  • Measure the execution/processing time for key business transactions and reports
  • Identification of top 20 database tables for archiving process
  • Finalization of archiving objects for these top 20 database tables
  • Business blueprint will be prepared for these business objects to ensure that after archiving process it will not affect any regular business operations and reporting
  • Realization and testing of archiving process in development and quality system to ensure archiving and display or archived data in exceptional scenarios
  • Execution of archiving process in production system
  • Indexing of database tables to improve the system performance
  • Check the execution/processing time for key business transactions and reports
  • Preliminary study of the existing business process in terms of functional and technical aspects is required for preparation of “Preliminary Study Report”(PSR)
  • Depending on the PSR following factors would be derived and documented as a part of “Final Study Report” (FSR)
    • Feasibility of solution
    • Key performance indicators
    • Effort estimations & timelines
    • Broad solution approach document
  • Depending on the broad solution approach document the agreed solution will be implemented by following the regular process of implementation ( i.e. blueprinting of requirement, realization & testing of solution in test system, final preparation for production system and GO Live in production system)
  • Measurement of performance w.r.t. agreed KPIs as a part of “Business Value Realization Report” (BVRR)

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